originnoun, [awr-i-jin, or-]

  1. something from which anything arises or is derived; source; fountainhead.
  2. rise or derivation from a particular source.
  3. the first stage of existence; beginning.
  4. ancestry; parentage; extraction.

How to keep a fire going

This is not an origin story.

Rather, if it were an origin story, it would be a poor one.

Firescribbles is the aftermath of my gap year blog, unsottovoce. It is an ode to words, stories, music, the human spirit—everything that unsottovoce was, except with the hopes of being more thoughtful, refined, and perhaps a tad braver. The title derives from Tomas Tranströmer’s poem, Firescribbling. The dictionary format was inspired by snow peak.

I’m resting on borrowed robes. Nothing is truly original here.

Actually, hold that thought. I’m resting on leftovers and kindling. The one, original aspect of this blog is me. Not to sound cosmic, but I fully intend to keep this fire aflame for the next few hundred years. Suspended animation, right? Assuming we don’t annihilate ourselves as technology advances.

I’m treading dangerously near the “self-centered” label, though, which is worrisome. (It’s much easier to be selfish in writing than in reality). I’m well aware of the illimitable void in which I reside. This thing called space, the cosmos, the universe. Being. What I’m trying to say is that I am only grasping at inchoate survival instincts. I’m only trying to find reasons and ways to live: wood and books and songs for my fire. Everyone comes from an original spark, and everyone tapers off into smoke, in the end. The question isn’t always how long can you keep the fire going; rather, how bright can you make the flame burn?

So, this is not an origin story. This is a stage of existence. This is where I put my foot down and affirm, “I am a human being living on the planet Earth in this solar system of the Milky Way Galaxy. I am here and I am alive. I am in love. I am afraid. I have a million questions. Shall we begin?”