lucent; adjective, [loo-suh nt]

  1. shining.
  2. translucent; clear.

It’s cold and beautiful outside. The sky is clear as glass, thick clouds inching across the canvas, buildings dipped in highlights and shadows, some sides lit with golden light while others cast in dark.

This week I saw Don Giovanni at the Met and it was an absolute treat. I haven’t the time to analyze or reflect (midterms are looming), but that beautiful duet melody from La ci darem la mano has been flickering in my head. Recordings and videos are always convenient but I will never get over the magic of live performances. It’s riveting.

Here is a list of phrases that may mean nothing without context yet encapsulate what has been a good handful of days: poaching eggs, group study, rehearsals and concerts, rain, boots, Spotify playlists, heavenly pancakes, childhood photos.

Now, time to tackle a few exams.