mend; verb, [mend]

  1. repair (something that is broken or damaged).
  2. return to health; heal.
  3. improve (an unpleasant situation, especially a disagreement).

having a lovely spring break. between a snowstorm and much-needed sleep, i feel like i am, in some ways, experiencing college for the first time. quietly, immensely. the readings, the late hours with friends, the city at night, the rehearsals. i visited the beautiful met cloisters, and i went to a krista tippett show, which it was enrapturing: among the highlights, tracy k. smith and her lovely poems; a short story, “Spirituality; With Or Without A Prayer” by Elmore Leonard (a very funny and eager story about praying and… football); and then there was “The Doctor and the Rabbi” by Aimee Bender. what an ending.

in between all that, i’m finding time to catch up with ukulele practice, doodling, podcasts (wolf 359! check it out!), meditating, writing letters, (trying not to half-ass my way through replies, trying to write earnestly and honestly), stomping through snow, counting the seconds between cars passing by outside my window at 2AM.

classes will resume next week, and some of my anxieties will return, but i’ve comfort in knowing that life’s in the small things.