It’s been nearly a year since I first started firescribbles, and I’m still searching for a place to settle. Not physically—I can live with scattered homes across the country—but in my mind.

I thought it would be best to return to my roots, a.k.a. unsottovoce. I can’t explain it well, but there’s this residual feeling—stagnancy? or something, something about this past year. I’ve been to wonderful places and done wonderful things, but I haven’t arrived at where I wanted to be.

I need to take a break from whatever this blog has become. Where’s the verve gone? The bursts of impulse? The lightness? Let’s change it up and bring back a dose of the old heart. No more filler-update-word-vomiting (I’ll save that for my journal), no more Roman numerals (it was an… experimental phase), no more daily moping (the few people who read this blog deserve better). I’m going to try to write more, i.e. not just when I’m sad or contemplative. I’m going to dust off those old boots, retrace my steps, and look for the hidden gems that I missed the first time around. Here’s to summer cleaning, part two.