a selection of posts from the less formal stage of this blog (i.e. rants and musings without much context).

iii. languor—shooting the breeze
vi. crepuscular—(orientation week)
viii. vicissitude—(college as candlelight)
ix. bloom—(new york, new york)
xix. inventory—(list of good things)
xvii. mnemonic—(events lately)
xviii. lucent—(before midterms)
xx. peachy—(art supplies, fish, Korra, rain)
xxi. benumb—(on turning nineteen)
xxii. stymie—(grateful)
xxiii. tucker—(1999 honda odyssey poem)
xxiv. arrive—(thanksgiving/poetry/plans)
xxv. opalescent—(snapshots)
xxvi. disquiet—(brain vomit)
xxx. reimagine—(chad lawson’s chopin variations)
xxxi. winter break recap
xxxii. boundary—(tales of our time exhibit)
xxxiii. weekend notes (fundraiser)
xxxiv. post-therapy
xxxv. commonplace book
xxxvi. upstream—(post-midterms)
xli. gloaming—(lovely weather)
xlii. saturn+cassini
xlvi. update on summer/music
xlviii. nostalgia—(childhood books)
l. thoughts on modern art