A summer noon in quiet woods,
came stumbling a man with goods.
He fell upon a large, fierce tiger,
who looked to be a deadly fighter.

The man then stopped with frozen fear
and softly said, “Oh dear, oh dear.”
With mighty growl, the tiger roared,
“To pass, fair sir, kneel on the floor.”

A common thing for beasts to say,
the man went down where soft ground lay,
and placed his shaking knees that faced
the proudest tiger of that place.

And when the man rose from the ground,
he said, “Now I shall go in quiet sound.”
“Not a chance!” the tiger cried.
“You have shown submission now.”

Just when the man had caught his blunder,
the tiger pounced and dragged him under.

Even smallest acts of yielding
are the strengths for power wielding.



(© Phoebe Pan)